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Therapeutic Horseback Riding, Utilizing Full Body Range of Motion Exercise

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Pegasus Riding Academy Our Mission Label
  • To provide "At No Cost" full body (ROM) range of motion exercise on horseback to as many certified disabled children and adults as possible.
  • To gently ease our riders into a program of physical exercise tailored to his or her needs.
  • For the physically impaired, to help the development of beneficial muscles and joints.
  • For the mentally disabled, to provide psychological and emotional benefits derived from riding a horse such as: learning to concentrate, the discipline of following directions and a sense of empowerment that comes from steering and controlling a large four legged animal, our sweet horses.
  • For people who have difficulty bonding with others, to offer an opportunity to develop trust and confidence by bonding with a trained horse.
  • To continue adopting horses and provide them with nurturing care and training. Welcome them all into the Pegasus Family and find loving, caring permanent homes for those who cannot be trained or do not have ability to physically carry the disabled.
  • To look at the ability of a person rather than the disability.
  • To believe that everyone is worthy.
  • To know that MIRACLES DO HAPPEN!

Your donation will help provide a much needed COVER / ROOF for the arena.

"You can make a difference."

You Can Help!

To make a tax deductible contribution to Pegasus Therapeutic Riding:

Mail To:

Pegasus Therapeutic Riding
35-450 B Pegasus Court, Palm Desert, CA, 92211
501(c) Non Profit for the Handicapped
Tax ID: 95-3774003
Ph: (760) 772-3057